Volume 043

Electric Daze

March 2019

Visual Artist: Luke Pelletier

Listen Now

Side A

A1: Yellow Shoots – “make it to summer”
A2: Alexander Bernard – “Sunnyside”
A3: Okaywill – “Emotional”
A4: Henry Nowhere – “Not Going Back”
A5: Easter Island – “Always Room For Another”

Side B

B1: Fever Days – “What’s Your Problem?”
B2: Autonomics – “Bad Blood”
B3: Bengal Lancers – “Memory Loss”
B4: Creature Canyon – “Lonely As I Am”
B5: Kris Gruen – “Body In Motion”


  • Gatefold jacket with tattoo-inspired artwork
  • Custom-made 4″ iron-on panther patch
  • Translucent blue vinyl with electric yellow stripe
    • VIP Variant: Translucent blue vinyl with neon magenta stripe
  • Intro letter
  • Lyrics & art info insert

About the artist:

Luke Pelletier’s work is worthy of several double takes. At a brief glance, it’s a portrayal of American kitsch: scenes of a beach town drive-in theater, or a stylized panther posed in front of a fireworks-filled sky, or a monster truck rally. A second glance reveals a host of illicit activities in the movie audience, an insidious message in the night sky, and captions that give extra meaning to the police cars being trampled beneath the monster truck tires. Luke spent his childhood in a tourist town in North Carolina. His bold patterns and characters seem almost borrowed from beach bar posters and tattoo parlors. But the dark humor, the equally critical and celebratory eye he casts on society and pop culture, and the humanity he brings to difficult themes are all his own.

Luke graduated with a BFA in art from the School of Art Institute Chicago. He is an accomplished multi-disciplinary creator, using painting, sculpture, photography, writing, welding, music, and more to explore his ideas. You can find his art on clothing by Adidas and RVCA, notebooks, zines, and album art. He currently lives in Los Angeles, CA.

– Jason Adams

Intro Letter

Crank up the right song and suddenly I’ve got all kinds of swagger in my step. I’m now doing the dishes or walking to the bus like a BOSS. (We’ve all been there.) But I’m not as familiar with getting that swaggeriffic feeling from artwork – which is why I love Luke Pelletier’s style so much. He captures something special in that way. Just looking at his art makes me feel like I can jump my Huffy higher, shred my air-guitar better, and generally lounge harder than anyone who has ever lounged before. Somehow my swagger just got turned to 11, and I haven’t even touched the volume knob yet.

But don’t let me be the only cool kid bowling spares. Grab the keys to the monster truck, and let’s go do donuts on the dance floor. Hmm, we should also pick up some actual donuts on the way. These dance moves ain’t gonna fuel themselves. When the sugar high wears off, we can just knock the sand off that beach towel and lay low on the floor of the jet. We don’t touch down in the next town until sunrise.

– Brandon