Volume 042

Day Trip

February 2019

Visual Artist: Chris Engman

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Side A

A1: Scott Orr – “Seasons”
A2: Wesley Jensen and The Penny Arcade – “Carpenter”
A3: Sister Grim – “Coming Down”
A4: Hosannas – “Guitar Cop”
A5: Fort Vine – “Late At Night”

Side B

B1: Smok-Mon – “Ensam (ft. Lorentzo Jönsson)”
B2: Sensi Sye – “Hoodie”
B3: Bunraku – “Ebisu”
B4: Altopalo – “Mono”
B5: Marna – “Days Gone By”


  • Hypergloss tip-on gatefold jacket
  • Surreal photography
  • Full-color double-sided board inner sleeve with additional artwork
  • Translucent green ghost echo vinyl
    • VIP Variant: Translucent blue ghost echo vinyl
  • Intro letter
  • Lyrics & art info insert

About the artist:

In an interview, Chris Engman once said “All forms of representation are manipulation.” But even though his work deals with manipulation, the twisting of perspective, and the illusion of overlapping spaces, Engman is asking you to search for authenticity, for beauty and emotion. By taking detailed photographs of real spaces, creating pigment prints, layering them over a second space, and photographing the end result, Chris creates canyon rivers that flow under a window that shows the glow of the outdoor sun. A darkened forest floor is illuminated by fluorescent lights hung from some unseen ceiling, and a warehouse space features a perfect square of endless ocean framed on its corner walls. Other pieces create 3D images – a cube, cinder-blocks, wrinkled folds of paper – using perfectly arranged 2D sheets. But even as your mind hunts for a logical solution, Chris doesn’t want you to focus on the process. He wants you to analyze your feelings as you look down a hallway located impossibly amidst desert dunes, a space that combines two of our most basic and conflicting needs: opportunity and shelter.

Chris Engman studied at the University of Washington in Seattle before earning his MFA at the University of Southern California Roski School of Fine Arts. His unique photographic visions can be found all over the world, including London, Berlin, Los Angeles, Seattle, Houston, Arles, and more. He currently teaches as an adjunct professor at Loyola Marymount University.

– Jason Adams

Intro Letter

Hello daylight. How are you? I’m great.

I slept so deep that my limbs are a bit sore, actually. I’m excited to get the blood moving and do something fun today.

Decisions, decisions. Maybe that walk in the forest? Or that hike to the creek? We could go anywhere we want. If we dream it, we can do it!

Do we need to pack snacks? It sounds like the right idea but I’m oddly not even feeling hungry. I’m not even feeling my feet on the oor…

Where are we now? What do you call this place? It’s unreal! Heavy limbs and a big yawn.
If I dream it I can do it.
I feel great.

– Brandon