Volume 039

Face To Face

November 2018

Visual Artist: Nate Harris

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Side A

A1: RTIK – “Constellation (every blue sky)”
A2: As The Spirit Wanes – “Accidental Journey”
A3: Sterile Cuckoo – “Details In Feathers”
A4: Laze – “Clutter House”
A5: Renja – “Helix”

Side B

B1: Vapur – “Orpheus”
B2: mikwerdna – “A Warm Shower on a Winter Morning in Pennsylvania”
B3: Klangplanet – “Downtown”
B4: Zimmer-G – “Two Cachalots”
B5: Altvater – “Arcturus”


  • Gatefold jacket with reflective gold illustration
  • Newspaper art insert
  • Cream-colored vinyl
  • Intro letter
  • Lyrics & art info insert

About the artist:

Sometimes, when an artist is adept at multiple mediums, their style can vary greatly from format to format. In the case of Nate Harris, who is an illustrator, sculptor, woodworker, printmaker, and designer, his distinctive fingerprint carries onto everything he touches. Nate’s art deals with characters in unusual shapes, profiles, and perspectives. The figures he portrays are universal, somewhat reminiscent of ancient peoples’ paintings and figurines, but with a modern attention to clarity of form and iconography. Color is used with great intention, with often only one or two tones per work. In his larger-scale works, Nate sometimes incorporates crowds of people, each character with it’s own story, style, and focus. But the way he places them always speaks to a great harmony, a larger balance, like the unity you feel when you’re at home in a big city.

Nate Harris is equally comfortable in the worlds of design and fine art. He has worked with big name clients such as Adobe, Pabst, Target, David Byrne, and Mac DeMarco. Recent solo exhibitions with the Philadelphia Museum of Art and Kop Artspace in Antwerp speak to his global appeal. His art can be found on city parks, repurposed skateboards, book covers, tour posters, handmade zines, and so much more.

– Jason Adams

Intro Letter

When days have given way to longer nights and the sun just waves hello on the way back to bed, we’re all left with a bit louder echo inside our heads. Who goes there? Say something? Don’t make me do all the talking!

Toss a pebble into the well of deep thoughts and wait to hear the splash. Get bored. Follow a butterfly away. Ponder the pebble’s fate over dinner.

It is thinking season. Time for conversations with oneself. As a soundtrack, we’ve put together a magical mix of songs that don’t sing so much as they whisper. They don’t lead the way as much as they gesture towards it. Many of these paths you will have to travel on your own. You will meet other faces along the way but they will often feel similarly lost and disoriented. Beware following them any farther than you would a stray butterfly

– Brandon