Volume 038

Sticky Fruit

October 2018

Visual Artist: Dennis Wojtkiewicz

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Side A

A1: Approachable Members of Your Local Community – “Semiotic Vision”
A2: Jason Nolan – “Late Night City Hawks”
A3: DD Walker – “Psychic Twin”
A4: Antoine Diligent – “Be My Guest”
A5: CRUISR – “Mind Eraser”

Side B

B1: Fake Shark – “NOFOMO”
B2: Dryspell – “You Without Me”
B3: Sad Hill – “Mantras For A Failed Academic”
B4: Heavy English – “Higher Than You”
B5: Jaguar Bones – “Turn The Sky Gold”


  • Tip-on style gatefold jacket with super glossy film lamination
  • Watermelon poster insert
  • Tropical fruit scratch-n-sniff sticker
  • Translucent kiwi-green vinyl
  • Intro letter
  • Lyrics & art info insert

About the artist:

Even though the subjects are familiar, Dennis Wojtkiewicz’s hyper-detailed oil paintings of fruits and flowers feel positively alien. Soft backlighting illuminates all the membranes and veins that go ignored in everyday citrus. Careful framing underscores nature’s mathematics at play in his series of florals. In every piece, Dennis renders the smallest elements: a single ruffled edge of a rose’s petal, or a subtle blur to tuck a seed into the flesh of a melon. These dutifully captured features elevate his art from still life to something else entirely.

Dennis Wojtkiewicz studied under Patrick Betaudier at the Atelier Neo-Medici in France and received his MFA degree from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale in 1981. His work has been featured in countless solo and group exhibitions all over the United States. He has earned multiple grants from the Ohio Arts Council for his painting. Currently, Dennis is a professor at Bowling Green State University, where he has taught painting and drawing sicne 1988.

– Jason Adams

Intro Letter

There is so much to love about Dennis Wojtkiewicz’s beautiful paintings of fruit, but I particularly love how they invite us to see these everyday items in a new way. A kiwi’s seeds explode into a glowing Native American headdress. A peach wedge seems more like an alien mountain range than a delicious snack. These elemental objects take on a whole new life. It is exactly that spirit that drives Vinyl Moon every month. I can’t tell you how much I love compiling these amazing songs into a unique form that hopefully feels freshly sliced and larger than life – like Dennis’ paintings.

For this record I wanted to explore a musical instrument as elemental to music as fruit is to life on earth: the guitar. While the guitar is present in each of these songs, this is not a “guitar record”, per se. If this record were a person, I’m not even sure that the guitar would be their favorite instrument. But that fresh guitar nectar is certainly here. Each song blends the instrument into its own cocktail of accompanying sounds. The juicy riffage that emerges is at times crunchy, tasty, groovy, and perhaps even sticky. And I love it.

– Brandon


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Dennis Wojtkiewicz´s art welcomes our eyes the precise moment we open the new @vinylmooncovolume – A record full of fresh, tasty and groovy songs. Being our favourite vinyl subscription club ever, @vinylmoonco offers once a month a piece of art that happens to merge different displinines like music and visual arts in a unique release that is it always a departure from the previous month volume. They curate a selection of new and relatively unknown talents, press it on the coolest possible color vinyl and pack it in a jacket that counts with art and design from vanguard graphic designers and artists with worldwide reputation. Every month they commision the art to one of those visual talents and the team makes a perfect tag coming with a crazy gimmick to highligh the result. Far away from being a mere inconexe collection of cool songs, there is always an editorial line and a motto giving you the feeling of a perfectly arranged mixtape. In this volume, for example, we will be able to enjoy tunes where the guitar plays a significant role with the rest of the accompanying the rest of sounds and vibes. Coming from the previous volume, which was possibly my fav ever, @vinylmoonco had the uncanny mission of keep on delivering… and they have done it again. Definitely, visit their IG profile to explore their gallery of pics of their previous releases and visit their website to check songs from previous volumes, read notes and learn about their pricing plans. Various Artists / Vinyl Moon Volume 38: Sticky Fruit – #vinylmoon #vinyligclub #vinylsecretsociety #vinyl #vinylcollection #vinylcollector #vinylmoonco #murcia #colorvinyl #recordcollection #cratedigging #vinylmoonco #vinylcollectionpost #vinylrecords #recordcollectionpost #instavinyl #vinylporn #vinyljunkie #murcia #vinylgram #onmyturntable #nowspinning #recordcollector #nowplaying #barcelona #vinyloftheday #45rpm #vinyladdict #音盤 #ジャズ

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