Volume 037


September 2018

Visual Artist: Shreya Gupta

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Side A

A1: Superheart – “After Midnight”
A2: Joshua Worden – “Tennessee”
A3: Bo Elledge – “Let’s Get It”
A4: Christian Besa Wright – “Cherry Blossom Oak”
A5: Jon Coyle – “Fun & Levitating”
A6: Duets And Stuff – “Serve Somebody”

Side B

B1: ANKÖ – “Hollow”
B2: VLMV – “If Only I”
B3: 1900 – “Ljuva Mekaniska Jag”
B4: John Burnette – “Pale And Blue”
B5: My Fellow Sponges – “Schlieffen Plan”


  • Tip-on style gatefold jacket with mythological artwork
  • Includes a custom felt slipmat featuring artwork from the jacket
  • Clear vinyl with purple smoke
    • VIP Variant: Translucent blue vinyl with light-blue smoke
  • Intro letter
  • Lyrics & art info insert

About the artist:

Shreya Gupta’s illustrations feel as if they’re from a dream or lost mythology. Faces are often obscured or blank, landscapes and horizons stretch on forever, and subjects combat forces of darkness in the form of dark figures or real world threats. Strong, yet carefully balanced colors adds to the storybook feel of her art, as does the detailed stippling she gives to textures like feathers, fog, and fabric. Her art was crucial in bringing our legend of rebirth to life in this month’s volume of Vinyl Moon.

Originally from India, Shreya’s passion for drawing took her to the School of Visual Arts, NY, where she earned her MFA. Her otherworldly illustrations have been commissioned by The New York Times, Penguin Random House, Medium, and much more. Last year, her work was featured as the Google Doodle celebrating the birthday of Rukhmabai Raut, the first practicing female doctor in India. In her free time, she loves to explore new countries and cuisines.

– Jason Adams

Intro Letter

When visual artist Shreya Gupta chose the title ‘Rebirth’ for this record it seemed quite fitting to both the music and the artwork. A rebirth is a new beginning. A kind of moving forward after some type of trauma or other definitive ending. It fit the songs and their stories of fresh loss and fresh love; wrapping up the past and writing down the future. Rebirth – the record – is a celebration of all types of fresh starts, both big and small.

This got me thinking about how the idea of rebirth is central to Vinyl Moon as whole experience. In a small way, each month’s Vinyl Moon release is a kind of new beginning. These songs all have a preexisting life and now they get a brand new one in each other’s company. Even a familiar song takes on a kind of rebirth when set with new musical neighbors and fresh artwork. The music and the art and even these words are reborn in your hands right now as you write them a new chapter.

But a true rebirth isn’t always so easy. To be truly reborn only occurs after the complete closure of the previous ‘life’; after the metaphorical autopsy has been thoroughly completed, the postmortem report written up and then closely pored over with a fresh highlighter and chilled beverage. Only then can one’s new birth have a hope to chart a fresh path and dodge our cyclical nature of repeating history. But if your next Rebirth doesn’t blaze the new trail you imagined, don’t even worry. You already know that there is never harm in flipping the record and spinning it one more time before moving to the next.

– Brandon