Volume 035

How Much Boom?

July 2018

Visual Artist: Jonas Fisch

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Side A

A1: A Cosmic Gift – “Space”
A2: Wisemind – “Fights”
A3: Kai Fish – “Mad Dogs and Englishmen”
A4: Bels Lontano – “Lovely Path”
A5: thereisnogravity – “The Jungle (feat. Lilit)”

Side B

B1: Magic City Hippies – “Heart Wants”
B2: Wizard of Loneliness – “Grape Judas”
B3: Jeffrey Paradise – “Dream With You”
B4: Pregnant – “Dead Dog Head”
B5: Cool Company – “Shake It Off”
B6: Geo – “Flax Pond”


  •  Massive five-panel gatefold jacket with art stretching from front to back
  • Sky-blue marbled vinyl
  • Intro letter
  • Lyrics & art info insert

About the artist:

Figures, messages, and symbols move in and out of focus as your eyes explore the paintings of Jonas Fisch. You’ll see a face, then struggle to find it again as the same shapes become the arm of a larger character, letters in a cryptic word, or clusters of stars and crowns and trapezoids. Bright color palettes make the shifting chaos inviting, turning what could be visual bombardment into a puzzle with multiple solutions. Jonas Fisch’s works are usually large in format, their scale providing another way for you to see more and get lost in the layers of meaning. That scale helped inspire this volume’s design, which we encourage you to study up close, from afar, and everywhere in-between.

Jonas has been painting since he was a child in a small fishing village in southern Sweden. Encouraged to pursue his dreams by artist and grandmother, Ann Mari Sjögren, Jonas currently lives and works in Los Angeles. He has had countless exhibitions in galleries across Southern California, and his works can be seen in private collections around the globe.

– Jason Adams

Intro Letter


The very first lyric of the record is a word that we love around Vinyl Moon, however, it’s terrestrial context is what is most at play on “How Much Boom?”. Jonas Fisch’s absolutely bonkers artwork touches on space in a number of ways. Start with any corner of the cover art and you’ll find visual space that is lit up with activity. Move to unfold the jacket and your physical space is suddenly under attack. Drop the needle on the music and suddenly your living room doesn’t provide enough space for fancy footwork.


With your dance floor taken over by the expansive gatefold, you can easily make more space with a nail. Hammer it into the wall at least 6 feet off the ground and hang the whole jacket by its tiny hole. Besides making way for more dance moves, having it on display will bring some vibrant color to your space.


– Brandon