Volume 33

Static In Motion

May 2018
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Visual Artist: Keith Rankin

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Side A

A1: 회사AUTO – “KR-3”
A2: Lucid Sound Driver – “Fractal Passage”
A3: Donovan Hikaru – “Nighttime Island Dance”
A4: Satin Sheets – “CampNight”
A5: ESPRIT 空想 – “Trip || The OC”
A6: 猫 シ Corp. – “Saturday (Vinyl Moon mix)”

Side B

B1: valyri – “Dreaming of what almost wasn’t”
B2: Ohm-N-I – “Coral Reef (ft. Kai Beckman)”
B3: Staqq Overflo – “Synthetic // Pines”
B4: Hantasi – “Crystal Airwaves”
B5: Power Windoze – “Blooming Love (DJ Eyebrow Ring Vocal Mix ft. Megan Lloyd)”


Download Volume 033 and its…

  • Die-cut gatefold jacket revealing a double-sided insert with customizable scenes
  • Vaporwave visuals from one of the genre’s most prolific artists
  • Translucent vinyl with black and red smoke
    • VIP Variant: Translucent vinyl with blue and black smoke
  • Intro letter
  • Lyrics & art info insert

About the artist:

It can be difficult to differentiate between many visual artists who create in the vaporwave style, but Keith Rankin manages to distinguish himself both through creative use of influences outside of the scene, as well as the sheer magnitude of his work that has guided the movement as a whole. The expected vaporwave touchpoints certainly exist in his art: 3D rendered objects, references to old video games, Japanese typography, and bright color palettes. But Keith also draws heavily from the dadaist movement, and he often incorporates dark imagery that diverts from the typical focus on glossy luxury. Introspection seems to be a recurring theme in his art, as subjects can often be found gazing questioningly at their reflections, their doppelgängers, or their universes dissolving into pixellated oblivion around them. Like the vaporwave movement at large, Keith simultaneously grapples with powerful questions as well as the futility of answering them. Between the volume, quality, and prominence of his art, we can’t tell you how thrilled we are to have Keith contributing to our first-ever genre-specific volume.

Keith Rankin is a powerhouse in the world of vaporwave, releasing music under both his solo Giant Claw project and his Cream Juice project with Seth Graham. Even more impressively, the pair also runs the hugely influential Orange Milk Records. Keith creates almost all visual aspects for the label, so it’s fair to say his art has helped shape the visual direction of the entire genre. Keith is based in Dayton, Ohio. When he’s not creating, he’s likely on the Internet.

Intro Letter:

As far as musical genres go, ‘vaporwave’ is likely one of the least known or understood, relative to it’s collective output. It is a juggernaut of creativity, ingenuity, and variety that most people have never heard of. Whatever your personal tastes, there is likely something you’ll connect with under the vaporwave umbrella. A nuanced and wordy description of the genre, it’s history, and it’s ethos is best left to “the Internet” (Many a fascinating rabbit hole awaits you!)

Truthfully, even calling the incredibly diverse vaporwave a “genre” is problematic. Vaporwave is almost more of a community than a genre. Friendships form, collaborations blossom, and music is created at an explosive pace. It was an honor as well as a total blast to immerse myself in it the past few months. I discovered so many new favorite artists, some of whose songs have spilled over onto future volumes.

As you immerse yourself in the music, keep Keith Rankin’s customizeable record artwork on hand and explore the faces & produce within! This is going to be fun.

– Brandon