Volume 32


April 2018
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Visual Artist: Matthias Jung

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Side A

A1: Adrian Underhill – “Cruel”
A2: Jimmy Smash – “Fine Line”
A3: Minke – “Gold Angel”
A4: LANNDS – “Legends”
A5: Sleeping Lion – “Stop It (Stripped)”

Side B

B1: Cape Francis – “Iditarod”
B2: Max Garcia Conover – “Abigail For A While”
B3: Simen Mitlid – “Two Days”
B4: DJ Johny Holiday – “Berlin”
B5: Ivory! – “Alone”


Soar the skies with Volume 032 and its…

  • Tip-on gatefold jacket with surreal artwork
  • Floating house turntable spinner
  • Translucent mint green vinyl
  • Intro letter
  • Lyrics & art info insert

About the artist:

The collages of Matthias Jung are studies in equilibrium, often featuring structures that, at first glance, seem plausible. Then, half a second later, your brain kicks in and reminds you that houses can’t fly. But that moment of credibility is all his dreamlike tableaus need in order to evoke genuine emotions. Buildings float over sublime mountain ranges, rest solidly on soggy marshlands, and lean impossibly on a single stilt over a forgotten highway road. But because those buildings conjure memories of childhood apartments, old churches, and busy markets in tiny town squares, his pieces contain wells of quiet, slow-moving energy. We’re excited to have Matthias lend this patient grandeur to this edition of Vinyl Moon.

Matthias Jung is an accomplished artist and graphic designer based in a town near Stuttgart, Germany. His artwork has earned multiple awards for photo-manipulation and collage, with exhibitions as far-reaching as St. Petersburg, Tel Aviv, and Chicago. After training at the School of Design in Schwäbisch Hall, he has gone on to create graphic design for cities, municipalities, festivals, theaters, the Catholic and Protestant churches, and more. He enjoys hiking, small islands, and blueberries.

Intro Letter:

Shoes off, arms out, eyes shut, and slowly spinning.

That is the best way to get yourself up into the sky-high world of Matthias Jung’s Cloudgardener. It goes without saying that the record should be cranked as well. It’s a long way up there and you’ll want to be able to hear the music as you slowly tumble upward. These songs range from summer breeze to helium balloon but they all agree to disagree with gravity.

If you prefer to let your turntable do the spinning then take a moment to assemble the spinner insert and mount it on your turntable. The instructions cover most of the steps but you’ll need to give the 4 holes a bit of pressure to get them over your center spindle. It’s a tight fit, but any looser and those houses would float away too.

– Brandon