Volume 31

The Nature of Inner Space

March 2018
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Side A

A1: The Invisible People – “Safari”
A2: Koresma – “Forest Sang”
A3: Lion, Meet Lizard – “Relief Washes Over Me In An Awesome Wave”
A4: Ryan Little – “Good Grief”
A5: Slow Dancing Society – “Lilacs”

Side B

B1: PowerPCME – “Honda Civic, Windows Down”
B2: Julian Grey – “Navigate”
B3: Like Magic – “Ocean Inside”
B4: Constantia Mom – “Fingers”


Explore the universe of Volume 031 and its…

  • Gatefold jacket containing its own immersive world
  • 12-page music zine featuring original poetry by Henry Goldkamp
  • Two vinyl color variants: marbled peach and marbled violet
  • Intro letter
  • Lyrics & art info insert

About the artist:

There are a lot of artists that specialize in crazy psychedelic art, but few can capture the spirit of a wild party in the same piece. The art of Nick van Hofwegen, aka Young & Sick, sits somewhere between an acid trip gone wrong and the best time of your life. A million characters burst from his work, each loaded with a life of their own and surrounded by secrets and statements simultaneously profound and hilarious. On Volume 031: The Nature of Inner Space, Hofwegen created a fictional band, their look, their city, and its local music zine that would hopefully someday feature them.

Because a music magazine is nothing without social commentary, Young & Sick recruited poet Henry Goldkamp. Goldkamp is renowned for his “What The Hell Is St. Louis Thinking?” project, featured by both NPR and Time. His words read like the streams of consciousness from outcasts and iconoclasts from all walks of life. Suffice it to say, you’ll have plenty to sift through.

Young & Sick also performs music which is as psychedelic and party-ready as his illustrations under the same alias.

Intro Letter:

Considering that this month’s record doesn’t feature any proper lyrics it almost feels wrong to write many words here. After all, the beauty of instrumental music is that it can take each of us to our individual world, letting our twisted minds fill in the blanks.

The idea of a unique world is at the heart of this record’s album design as well as its title. Visual artist Young & Sick teamed up with poet Henry Goldkamp to create an explosive and detailed world to immerse ourselves in. So crank up the record and peel open your eyeballs. I’ll shut up and do the same.

– Brandon