Volume 30


February 2018
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Side A

A1: Mr. Sanka – “Gallon”
A2: Benjamin Jaffe – “Everlasting Peace”
A3: moonweather – “Burn Me”
A4: Sal Dulu – “Duluoz Dream”
A5: House Sparrow – “Ox Blood”

Side B

B1: Maple & Beech – “Sand Sing”
B2: Low Hum – “Nebraska”
B3: La Poré – “Sad Girl”
B4: Callum Pitt – “Rabbits”
B5: Melis – “Love Song Idea”


Daydream about Volume 030 and its…

  • Tip-on gatefold jacket with die-cut head
  • Newspaper insert with additional unearthly artwork
  • Translucent orange vinyl with black marbling
  • Intro letter
  • Lyrics & art info insert

About the artist:

Seen separately, you’d be forgiven for not recognizing different artworks by Michael George Haddad as being created by the same person. But viewed collectively, there are several common threads between his pieces. Intention. Bold lines. Careful framing. Shapes and icons. Powerful symbolism. There’s a sense of economy, where no curve or stippled shadow exists without careful deliberation. These factors make Michael’s work feel like they’d be equally at home in an arcane religious text as they would in a magazine from the future. We’re happy that his art has found a home in Reveries.

Michael George Haddad is based in Ottawa, Canada. His art can be found in numerous
prestigious publications, such as the New York Times, WIRED, Fortune, and The MIT Technology Review. He has created works for The Standard Hotel in New York City, and he is very involved with his current home, having worked with Ottawa Magazine, the Ottawa Explosion Weekend punk festival, and the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

Intro Letter:

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder then reality is in the head of the beholder. A cute enough phrase if your head sits on solid ground but for most of us that isn’t the case. I think we can all relate to the head on the cover of Reveries. Detached, askew, and frankly a bit unsure if it might actually be the cube, the floating eye, or the person looking on.

Place your hands on the extra thick gatefold jacket of Reveries and everything feels firm and reliable… until you open it.

The cover is a hinged portal that zips us deeper into the wonderful universe of Michael Haddad’s artwork. A place where the beautiful dream-venture of Reveries can float and bob in zero gravity as we hold on with one hand, scratching our heads with the other.

Where are we? Why are we? We are we?

Or are we all alone in this new place? Nevermind, the music is speaking now. I think it has the answers.

– Brandon