Volume 29

Marrow Siren

January 2018
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Side A

A1: LaCore – “Skulls”
A2: Sego – “Whatever Forever”
A3: Bewilderbeast – “Do A Breakdown”
A4: Rattlerette- “In The Black”
A5: Wages – “Rattlesnake”

Side B

B1: Aaron Taos – “Bangs”
B2: Silverpalms. fka The Drury Brothers – “Day In Day Out”
B3: Loyal Lobos – “The Fall”
B4: Vacances – “Damage”
B5: Psymon Spine- “Lines and Lines and Lines End”


Dive deep into Volume 029 and its…

  • Gatefold jacket with glow-in-the-dark specters
  • Oversized tarot card with additional art
  • Translucent deep-sea blue vinyl with kelp marbling
  • Intro letter
  • Lyrics & art info insert

About the artist:

Somewhere between the psychedelic black velvet posters of the 70’s and the bright Fauvism works of Henri Matisse lies Marcos Navarro. Influenced by street art and urban subcultures, his style is vibrant and informal without lacking in complexity, skill, or symbolism. Each of his pieces is teeming with life and activity. His art seems ready to burst from the surface like a wild animal in wait. When he agreed to work with Vinyl Moon, we were ready to jump out of our skin – and that was before we saw the incredible art he made for this volume.

Marcos Navarro splits his life and creation between Barcelona and Basque Country. His vivid art can be found on bold fashion pieces and heartfelt gallery series that draw from his multiple homes. No stranger to the world of music, Marcos has also designed posters and flyers for concerts and festivals. But perhaps most unique is his collaboration on a custom design for Self Surfboards, with Marcos’s hand-painted pastel beach motifs found along the bottom of a hand-shaped board to create a gorgeous piece of usable art and sport.

Intro Letter:

Do you hear that? It is the call of the Marrow Siren! It is lonely at the bottom of the sea and she wants your bones to keep her company. The only way to keep your bones out of her hands and in your own body is to keep that marrow moving. Every sedentary moment gives her a chance to wrap her sea-soaked fingers around you and slowly drag you down to eternal stagnation…

While she has claimed man and animal alike, I’ve heard that her favorite prey is the common couch-sitter who lazily hesitates to flip the record to side B. The rhythmic “fshh” of the needle spinning in the dead wax masks the sound of the Marrow Siren coming up to claim another bag of bones.

Especially beware the shadows of the night. Under the cover of blackess is perhaps the Marrow Siren’s favorite time to shine…

So keep an eye out and a leg moving!

– Brandon