Volume 026


October 2017
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Side A

A1: Kan Wakan – “Phantasmagoria PT.1”
A2: Shy Girls – “Why I Love”
A3: Shoffy – “Motions”
A4: Mustard & The Silverfish- “Jubilee Green”

Side B

B1: Mt. Joy – “Sheep”
B2: Hypoluxo – “Nevada”
B3: Leo Law – “Brothers & Sisters”
B4: Shawn William Clark – “Autumn in New Brunswick”
B5: Clement Panchout – “Underwater”


Reflect on Volume 026 with its…

  • Hypergloss 3-panel gatefold jacket
  • Detailed surrealist photography
  • Translucent deep purple vinyl
  • Intro letter
  • Lyric & Artist info insert

About the artist:

Color bends, shifts, and diffuses in Marilyn Mugot’s photography, which often focuses not on people, but instead on scenes, nature, architecture, or light itself. It’s one thing to capture photos that feel surreal or dreamlike, but what’s impressive about Mugot is she manages to keep her work rooted in the real world. The results are images that seem perfectly aligned in space, light, and time, as if some aesthetically-obsessed deity used their power to rearrange the world into precise, beautiful moments. After lending her skills to Vinyl Moon, we piously lay this record at that deity’s altar.

Marilyn’s work has been featured in publications such as WIRED and The Guardian, and her fashion photography has found fans in Louis Vuitton and SUPERIOR magazine. An accomplished graphic designer, she has conceived posters and magazine layouts, complete with her bold color choices and style. This year she has prepared an exhibition in Paris. Prints of her photography are available on her website.

Intro Letter:

I’ve always loved seeing a city in the middle of the night. It is like seeing a famous actor in real life. No makeup, no characters, just the real person. Same for a city at night and in the nude. The bustle of business and tourism and school children clear out and the city’s bones take on a new shine. The sky is bound between the hazy glow of streetlights below and the moon above. It can feel like an alternate reality. If you can’t sleep then it can feel like a complete alterate life. Your brain stuck between yearning for sleep and embracing the quiet hours. At a certain point you can only embrace it. Drink some water. Eat some pretzels. Catch up on your book. Stare out the window and wonder who else is up at this hour… Where are they going? What is their story? What song are they singing in their head?

Marilyn Mugot’s stunning photography gives me all those same feelings but without the lost sleep. Except I’m the one out there in the city. Awake during night’s quietest hours as I make my way under the moonlight. Singing a song in my head and wondering if there is someone out there eating pretzels and thinking of me.

– Brandon Bogajewicz