Volume 025

The Space Between

September 2017
Look & Listen

Side A

A1: Maxim Ludwig - ``No One Has To Know``

A2: JW Ridley - ``Everything (Deathless)``

A3: Giungla - ``Cold``

A4: Vilde - ``Stimuli``

A5: Black Fly - ``Dipped``

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Side B

B1: Clans - ``Alibi``

B2: Mating Ritual - ``Second Chance``

B3: Kent Odessa - ``Palms Motel``

B4: The Night Thief - ``Wavess``

B5: Lapre - ``Gone Away``


Conjure hidden spaces in Volume 025 with its…

  • Gatefold jacket with spot-gloss accents
  • Lenticular card with mystic animation
  • Transparent magic card
  • Marbled sky-blue vinyl
  • Intro letter
  • Lyric & Artist info insert