Volume 024

The Lost Expedition

August 2017
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Side A

A1: Only Girl – “Heights”
A2: Daunt – “Drive”
A3: Jake McMullen – “Falling”
A4: Manwel T – “Atlantis”
A5: Brandyn Burnette – “Escape”

Side B

B1: Kyson – “Pictures”
B2: Tamu Massif – “OK”
B3: New Mystics – “Sparrows”
B4: Claremont – “Rüfu”
B5: NASA – “Chorus Radio Waves within Earth’s Atmosphere”


Get lost with Volume 024 and its…

  • Gatefold jacket with spot-gloss accents
  • Foldout map to alien lands
  • Three gorgeous art inserts on cardstock
  • Marbled burgundy vinyl
  • Intro letter
  • Lyric & Artist info insert

About the artist:

Gabriele Brombin calls Milan home, and the mystique of the city’s ancient buildings has seeped into his work. Brombin has created works based in sci-fi, nature, metaphysics, and more, all in a variety of mediums and styles. But they all give a feeling of sanctity and reverence – almost as if it was designed by an advanced civilization that was lost to the sands of time. We jumped at the chance to bring the reverence of his art to Vinyl Moon.
Gabriele’s past work has been featured in everything from video games to software to clothing designs and more. He’s been commissioned by brands as large as Nike and The North Face, and recently completed the album art for Vinyl Moon artist On Planets (featured on Volume 004: Surface Tension). His graphic novel, The Sand Sea and Plateaux of Mirrors, is truly breathtaking, and can be experienced digitally on his website.

Intro Letter:

Weightlessness is one of the coolest things ever that most of us will never get to experience. Maybe a split second of it during heavy plane turbulence but never the kind astronauts get when they somersault around their space pods. That is what I want to try. But I have to remember that zero Gs is not all playing float-catch and drinking foating water blobs. It’s also coming untehered from your ship and hurtling into deep space. (We’ve seen the movies…) When floating un-checked in space you’ve got to hope you eventually land on a planet where the air isn’t toxic and the life forms are civilized. Yes, you would have the rest of your life to understand their language and navigate their customs but it wouldn’t be easy. What would their music be like?
On second thought, maybe just embrace gravity for a bit and do the weightless wandering with the music on The Lost Expedition. Gabrielle Brombin has created a mysterious and immersive world for us to explore, with our own beds ready to greet us when we are done.
– Brandon


One of the coolest records we own. Period. Month after month we say the same phrase after getting a new @vinylmoonco delivery. And every month we are more and more impressed. If you are new to the concept, @vinylmoonco offer a monthly compilation of ten independent bands specially as a sort of a mixtape…. or That is what they say. But what you really get is a neat piece of art in the form of a vinyl record: Every volume’s art has an entire graphical and artistic design that goes in an specific direction, being today a lost expedition. Today we got that amazing piece of wax stuffed with great songs but also a premium jacket with some strange texturized hieroglyphs all over the place, a dossier about the bands included and the lyrics of the songs, a really cool map of who knows what and three prints related to the lost expedition theme that you can check in today’s pictures. These are the records you show to your friends when they come home and are really cool treasures to collect. Definitely, one of the best vinyl subscription services. Check their profile and website for extra info on their pricing plans. By the way… Have any of you seen my whip and my machete?. Varios / Vinyl Moon 24: The Lost Expedition – #ravenflowvinyl #vinilo #vinyl #vinylcollector #vinyllife #vinylcollector #vinylporn #vinylcollection #instavinyl #vinylrecords #vinylcommunity #vinyljunkie #vinyligclub #vinylcollectionpost #vinyloftheday #nowspinning #vinyladdict #vinylgram #vinylrecords #lacoruña #cordoba #zaragoza #laspalmas #sansebastian #granada #valladolid #murcia #alicante #vigo #bilbao #vinylmoon

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