Volume 023


July 2017
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Side A

A1: Prinze George – “Lights Burn Out”
A2: Erki Pärnoja – “EFTERGLOW”
A3: Lyves – “Free”
A4: Connor Donovan – “Gone Too Long”
A5: The Cancel – “Silence”

Side B

B1: The Ghost of Helags – “Under My Skin”
B2: Quiet The Pilot – “Stick Around Some”
B3: Austin Stahl – “Ich Cetera”
B4: Esbie Fonte – “Pools”
B5: moon:and:6 – “Apollo-Soyuz”

Society of Illustrators Annual Exhibition - 2018

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Shift your reality with Volume 023 and its…

  • Tip-on gatefold jacket (old style)
  • Hidden mystery insert
  • ???
  • Translucent red vinyl
  • Intro letter
  • Lyric & Artist info booklet

About the artist:

Marc Burckhardt’s art boasts a style that seems rooted in the somewhat twisted world of Grimm’s fairy tales and medieval tapestries. His acrylic paintings often feature subtle cracking that further entrenches them in some distant storybook land. Frequently featuring fantastic creatures or juxtaposing classic art styles with modern-day items, his work instantly caught our eye as we knew he would bring a haunting depth to Vinyl Moon.

Marc’s work is sought after by galleries, magazines, packaging, and literary publishers alike. Marc is no stranger to the music world, as he was commissioned to create the official portraits for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees in 2011 and has won a Grammy for Best Limited Edition Box Set Packaging for “The Legend: Johnny Cash.”

Some of his other numerous awards include the Gold & Silver Medal from the Society of Illustrators and Cannes Lion, Texas State Artist in 2010, and the prestigious Hamilton King Award, and you may have seen his commissioned pieces by TIME, Random House, Rolling Stone, Porsche, Honda, Major League Baseball, Atlantic Monthly, or the New York Times. Marc is a former President of the Illustration Conference (ICON) and past chairman of the NY Society of Illustrators 47th Annual.

Intro Letter:

A broken bone has a clear path to being whole. A broken heart often sits there in pieces, not even an IKEA level instruction manual for moving forward. But we mend them anyway. In whatever way we can muster.

It must be done.

Sometimes we try to “toughen up” or get a “thicker skin”, but if we are honest, we know that comes much later. For now we just need to hurt through to the other side. We need to sift through the jumble of memories and feelings as we gather our bearings. In those moments we can look down at our mangled heart and see a future with it patched up. And when the time is right, we will be ready to come out of our shell and offer our new heart to the world. The new heart will look and feel a bit different but it will be better. It won’t be better because it is new, but because it is now. And now is the way forward. It always will be.


Marc Burkhardt’s artwork is lush with layers of both meaning and mystery. A perfect pairing for these songs of loss and silence. Metamorphose is
a record about hurt and about change and about the understanding that sometimes life has to get messy before it gets better.

– Brandon