Volume 022


June 2017
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Side A

A1: Panther Martin – “Take Two”
A2: Oya Paya – “Just a Little Man”
A3: Ryan Oxford – “Flashes of Rage”
A4: Aidan & The Wild – “Into the Wild”
A5: Hayes Peebles – “Home”

Side B

B1: Stevie Talks – “Someday”
B2: Luu – “Don’t Like You I Love You”
B3: Giant Rooks – “New Estate”
B4: Verge Collection – “Clas of ’09”
B5: Chick Quest – “Savant Garde”


Face the world with Might in Volume 022 and its…

  • Gatefold jacket with detailed architectural artwork
  • Double LP with screenprinted design on translucent vinyl
  • Intro letter
  • Lyric & Artist info booklet

About the artist:

I am an ex-architect turned into an illustrator with a tendency for obsessive drawings. Only with a pen and time, I draw cities, buildings, structures and other architectural meanderings. Sometimes on paper or wood, other times on walls. Always dense and detailed.

With VinylMoon the allure was to play with the format of the gatefold, Each drawing engages with the shape of the medium to make you look closer and find where’s up or down. Two continuos spinning buildings are the final treat.

– Mister Maurao

Intro Letter:

Since June is the month of Father’s Day it is a good time to reflect on the current state of masculinity (something that has certainly changed since my dad was my age). What the heck does it even mean to be a man in 2017? Of course, that is a question every person should ultimately answer for themselves, however, music has always been a place where societal norms are subverted and boundaries pushed. Music is where masculine ways take unexpected turns. Music is where metal got paired with glamour, where a whole male-dominated genre was named after the word ‘emotional’, and where fans of all genders can often find a safe space for evolving identities.

Might is a record with music and artwork by men but its much more of an examination then a celebration. Might is a record about the parts of men that are vulnerable and fragile. The fumbles we make when dealing with our own masculinity. How our own attempts at might affect the world around us. And how under the surface, an external projection of power and certainty might just fail…

– Brandon