Volume 021

Pink Portals

May 2017
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Side A

A1: Doc Robinson – “I’m Not Gone”
A2: Yoke Lore – “World Wings”
A3: Lizzy Land – “Sweet Melodies”
A4: The Outer Vibe – “Sweet to the Rind”
A5: Juilietta- “Beach Break”

Side B

B1: Ninajirachi – “Pure Luck”
B2: WEIRDO + CO – “Mother of Pearl”
B3: Magic Bronson- “Nervous”
B4: Goldroger- “Unter Nelken”
B5: Nova & The Experience – “Whole Body”


Get transported through Pink Portals in Volume 021 with its…

  • Gold-foil outer jacket card stock for extra special shine
  • Scratch off gold insert to reveal part of the artwork
  • Opaque marbled pink vinyl
  • Intro letter
  • Lyric & Artist info booklet

About the artist:

Alex Kuno is a full-time artist and illustrator living and working in Lowertown, Saint Paul, MN, and is currently represented by Gallery 360 in Minneapolis and Curly Tale Fine Art in Chicago, IL. His work has been exhibited in galleries around the United States, Rome and Milan, profiled on mnoriginal.org, hifructose.com, Vice.com and juxtapoz.com and he maintains a growing list of commission clients and private collectors around the world.
‘Offal’, Kuno’s new series of surreal anatomical illustrations, is a more direct and intimate response to the incessant unveiling of political, cultural and environmental mutations. Partly inspired by vintage medical and botanical illustrations, the characters that have populated his past work for years are now seen going through their own dramatic changes. For this Vinyl Moon project, Kuno adapted the characters and viscera from his Offal series to reflect the sensation of unexpectedly falling in love with unfamiliar pop music.

Intro Letter:

Of all the artforms, music is the most persistent and persuasive. We don’t usually rewatch movies we didn’t like, revisit a book we hated, or go back to an art exhibit that didn’t appeal to us. But music gets all kinds of second chances! That stuff is sneaky and can force it’s way into your ear in all kinds of ways. (Like a weird track being sandwiched between 2 more ‘normal’ ones on a record.) My mixtape secrets aside, think of all the songs you have disliked at first, only to have them grow on you with repeated listens. It is a beautiful thing. Music can Trojan-horse its way into even the most made-up minds. I just try to keep the gates open.

Speaking of gates, the title Pink Portals is a nod to falling for songs in weird ways. A great song is a portal for both the mind and the body, sending both on different journeys, never to be the same again. Alex Kuno’s artwork is equally tranformative. A portal of its own to fall into. So don’t just scratch the surface. Dive in. See you on the other side.

VINYL MOON Volume 021: Pink Portals

– Brandon