Volume 020


April 2017
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Side A

A1: Zap Holmes – “Blue Tit”
A2: Orange Drink – “Sleeve of a Tweed Jacket”
A3: Metavari – “Tetraheathen (Ascension Edit)”
A4: Raener – “Miles 2”
A5: Brain Tan – “Moth”

Side B

B1: Kauf – “A Ruin”
B2: Jake Longley – “Solo”
B3: Idiosync – “Digital Footprint”
B4: DJ Beige Thickness – “I WISH”


INCOMING: TRANS/MISS/ION from Volume 020 and its…

  • Full-page comic based on the true story of the Philae & Rosetta spacecraft
  • Gatefold jacket with satellite track list and cosmic covers
  • Translucent blue marbled vinyl
  • Intro letter
  • Lyric & Artist info booklet

About the artist:

Molly Mendoza is an illustrator currently living in Portland, Oregon. She is captivated by the relationships that she has built with friends, family, and foes alike over the course of her life. Molly sets out to emulate those relationships through her chaotic yet rhythmic style to make some dang-good drawings. Using sumi ink and brush Molly illustrates her pieces then colors them using digital media. The blending of traditional and digital techniques is a fun challenge and it is interesting to see the interpretations given by her viewers. Alongside personal/observational narrative, Molly enjoys making images of space travel, plants, ladies and small dogs. She can be found working on editorial projects, making comics, zines, and eating hot dogs.

For her BFA Senior Thesis Molly created a 48 page visual remix of the Voyager Space Mission. Since she was little she had always wanted to be an astronomer but – whoops – she became an artist instead. The opportunity to illustrate our solar system from the perspective of the Voyager Mission helped her live some of that childhood wonder and hoped to create narratives of space travel again in her future. When working with Vinyl Moon Molly and Brandon found a perfect opportunity to touch on that wonder again by visually exploring the Philae Lander in Volume 020. Molly’s interstellar illustrations coupled with the curious, ambient, intense sounds of Volume 020 create a cosmic journey all their own.

Intro Letter:

Molly Mendoza’s wonderful interpretation of the Philae lander’s saga got me thinking about what it’s like to be lost. We all love getting lost in great music but that’s a safe example. Getting literally lost is another story. And for Philae, getting liter- ally lost on the surface of a comet is an amazing story. Like so many journeys, Philae’s didn’t take the path it was intended to. However, the mis- takes and surprises along the way created a tale that sparked new journeys, each with their own direction. After you have absorbed a bit of Philae’s story in Molly’s comic, see if you can trace my interpretation of it through the songs and their sequence. But in the end, my intended path isn’t the important thing. That would be the journey your mind takes.

– Brandon