Volume 018

Intrepid Curves

February 2017
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Side A

A1: Men I Trust – “Lauren”
A2: The Lagoons – “California”
A3: Justin Loring  – “Toasty”
A4: Camino 84 – “Oh My (ft. Sidney Gish)”
A5: Slow Shiver – “In Blue (Drive By Delivery)”

Side B

B1: isle&fever – “Far Away”
B2: Andrew St. James – “In The Morning”
B3: Jane’s Party – “Cigarette Buzz”
B4: Otis English – “Young Kids, Old Love”
B5: The Dig – “Let Your Lover Know”


Boldly dive into Intrepid Curves in Volume 018 and its…

  • Action packed gatefold jacket
  • 20 page oversized mind bending comic
  • “Used Silly Putty” colored vinyl
  • Intro letter
  • Lyric & Artist info booklet

About the artist:

Samplerman a.k.a Yvang is a french cartoonist born in 1971. After studying visual communication and and graphic design in Paris, he started making comics in numerous French and European fanzines in the beginning of the nineties (‘Stronx’, ‘La Monstrueuse’, ‘Flow Pow’, ‘l’Horreur est Humaine’, ‘La Machine à Laver’, ‘Hopital Brut’ and ‘Crachoir’: his own zine). Today, in this new golden age of fanzines and mini-comics, he has contributed to titles such as ‘Gorgonzola’(FR), ‘Qué suerte’(Spain), and ‘Kick’(Belgium). In the 2000’s he started using the Internet as a convenient space for self-publishing his comic blogs or webcomics. After this digital decade, he went back to the real world of printed books and published some children comics as well as a variety of self-published comic books in different genres. He currently contributes to a shared tumblr blog “ZDND” (“La zone de non droit” or “The No-Go Zone”: zdnd.tumblr.com) with the cartoonist Léo Quievreux where he posts unusual side-projects and some- times unfinished projects. The “Samplerman” project, based on collages of vintage American superhero comics, started there, and encountered huge feedback (mostly from the USA) which encouraged him to go on. He lives and works in a small island on the shores of Brittany, West of France.

Intro Letter:

There is a dizzying brilliance to the intricate comic-book-sourced collage art of Samplerman. Look too close or too long and it can drive you mad. But squint just the right way and it can all magically make twisted sense. You know what that also sounds like? Love. Crazy love. Part hazy memory of having done it before and part wild decision to do it again. And again…

Love can feel like a whack-a-mole of ever-evolving attempts to nail it this time. Just one more swing! One more quarter in the machine! Really, the best kind of love is a lot like comic books or vinyl records. Brilliant and inviting on the outside, yet endlessly complex on the inside. Full of drama, intrigue, and a perpetual desire to keep playing. Just as long as you are squinting at it the right way…

– Brandon