Volume 017


January 2017
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Side A

A1: Rodello’s MAchine – “Little White”
A2: Streets of Laredo – “99.9%”
A3: Ben Bostick – “Sweet Maria”
A4: Stray Echo – “Grime X Gold”
A5: Young Master – “Can’t Sleep”
A6: Walkingshoe – “Can’t Sleep”

Side B

B1: YOURS – “Goldmine”
B2: OYLS – “Maps”
B3: Midnight Mystery Club – “Richest Man in the World”
B4: Vandelux – “Stimulus”
B5: Klue – “So Good”


Spend some time with Lady Libertas in Volume 017 and its…

  • Double sided 5-panel foldout jacket
  • Expansive artwork featuring objects and talismans
  • “Modern Marble” colored vinyl
  • Intro letter
  • Lyric & Artist info booklet

About The Artist

Alessandro Cripsta is an Illustrator and Graphic Artist from Nowhere .

He likes to create suspended images that echo the collective unconscious, taking inspiration from ancient symbols and metaphysical paintings. Wide horizons where long shadows fall.

(from his site )

Intro Letter:

It was a few months ago when this month’s visual artist Alessandro Cripsta and I decided to title Volume 017 Libertas. Latin for “freedom”, it certainly embodies a spirit that runs through all these songs and it fits so well with Alessandro’s bold and timeless art. However, as I write this, in January 2017, that title Libertas feels much more timely and powerful. The word freedom feels a lot heavier than it has ever felt before. I just hope to carry it with pride, dignity, and diligence. I hope to do it justice in my actions and interactions with others. I know it won’t be easy. The best things in life never are. But as I flip back to Side A for an- other spin through the record I’m instantly buoyed by the opening strums of “Little White”. My lungs fill and my resolve steels as I groove through the sly rally cry of “99.9” and the open questioning of “Anybody Out There”. Today, every song is revealing new sides and I’m just keeping my ears and mind open.

It is unlikely that the bands expected me to put such weight on these songs but isn’t that the beautiful generosity of artists? Once they release their art, it becomes ours. Ours to fuel our fire. Ours to provide comfort in the hard times. Ours to provide energy to paint more rallying signs. Ours to cement the hard work in our eternal memory through the power of song.

Enough talk for now. Hold my hand and lets go.

– Brandon Bogajewicz