Volume 016

Breathing Shadows

December 2016
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Side A

A1: The Saxophones – “If You’re on the Water”
A2: Laura Misch – “I adore”
A3: Feiertag – “Breathe”
A4: Grapell – “Arrow”
A5: Falcon Punch – “Cream”

Side B

B1: Anoraak – “We Lost(ft. Slow Shiver)”
B2: Jazz Morley – “Bad Love”
B3: Yeo – “Frost”
B4: Majik – “Closer”
B5: Jome – “Brushstroke”


Get cozy with Volume 016 and its…

  • Die-cut cover, revealing interchangeable cover artwork
  • 8 “micro baroque” drawings on 4 double sided cardstock inserts
  • Reverse-board wide-spine jacket with shadow on the inside
  • Purple smoke colored vinyl
  • Intro letter
  • Lyric & Artist info booklet
  • **Hidden bonus feature**



About the artist:

Mateo Pizarro’s tiny graphite drawings are scarcely larger than the length of a match but contain enough detail to suggest entire stories, both surreal and terrifying. The Colombian artist refers to these as his Micro-Barroque series, and while the images shown here seem focused on the incredible detail contained in small spaces

(from This is Colossal)

Intro Letter:

Take a breath. You need it. We all need it. And I don’t mean for oxygen but for the moment that deep breath provides. That glimmer of respite from the world we are strapped to as it hurdles forward, often feeling like a 33 playing at 45. No time to rest, and even less hope to sing along.

Rest the racing mind and try to slow it down to a pace that can properly breathe. Hone in on those magical moments from the past year. Indoors
and out. Sunshine and dark. Laughter and tears. Think of where the wind took you and the things you saw. The music you heard and the people you were with. When your mind has the space even the smallest memories can ignite in perfect detail. When the shadows come, this record remembers when it was light. For warmth, hold it close and hold its music closer. I sure am.

– Brandon