Volume 014

From The Window

October 2016
Look & Listen

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Side A

A1: Everything is Green – “Drip Dry”
A2: Mallrat – “For Real”
A3: BF/C – “Temple”
A4: Pleasure Principle – “Let Me Hear It”
A5: PAIDEIA- “Restless Child”

Side B

B1: Arthur Wimble – “Hearts”
B2: Noble Oak – “All I Said”
B3: beGun – “NARI”
B4: Vimes – “Rudal”

Awarded Silver Medal from the Society of Illustrators



Every home witnesses a lot. From the mundane everyday things like reading the newspaper to the emotional turmoil of failed relationships to the wild dancing of a night with the speakers blasting. All of those things are brought together in Volume 014 of Vinyl Moon. George Wylesol’s design features a gatefold jacket that serves as the entry point for this tale. The 16 page fold out art newspaper within takes the story deeper… But don’t expect things to be crystal clear. Every story has two sides. Spin both of them in crystal clear vinyl with yellow splatter as you decipher your side of the story…

About the artist:

George’s work is wonderfully weird and unexpected, and he’s trying to find the right balance between his client’s expectations and the more experimental aspects of his personal work. “I stress a lot about whether my clients will find my work too abstract to use, or if my concepts are either too conceptual or too cliche. I’m working around this by sending clients a lot of different ideas, some ‘safe’ and some ‘weird’. I’m always thrilled when the client picks the weird idea.”

(From his interview with itsnicethat)

Intro Letter:

Home is a funny thing. People say its where the heart is, whatever that means. That makes it seem like the heart is an object that just sits around collecting dust. We know that’s not true. The heart is alive! It is as active as an under-weighted headshell on a scratched record! But yes, hearts spend a lot of time in homes. A lot of important times. For a heart to live in a home they must do what all living things do. They must grow, they must break, they must heal, they must survive. Specifically they must survive the home they are in…

Depending on the elements outside, a home can be salvation. A literal life saver. But depending on the elements inside, a home can be a simmering pot of heartbreak. A home can make dreams as fast as it can break them… sometimes. And sometimes not. That is the gamble of having your heart in a home. Let’s roll the dice…

– Brandon