Volume 013


October 2016
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Side A

A1: Ten Fé – “Elodie”
A2: Great American Canyon Band – “Come Home”
A3: Exes – “twentythousand”
A4: Tamper – “Bought and Sold”
A5: Private Island – “Drugs”

Side B

B1: The Soft White Sixties – “Tell Me It’s Over”
B2: Matt Gresham – “Small Voices”
B3: Coast Modern – “Hollow Life”
B4: Elliot Harris – “Ovr U”
B5: Worn Tin – “Sensitivity”


Your experience may differ, but the first time I saw Sean William Randall’s fireball car paintings I laughed out loud. Something about the idea of a serene winter landscape being totally disrupted by a flaming car hurtling through the sky was (and still is!) delightfully absurd. It is both comedy and tragedy perfectly embodied in one still moment. Plus, it makes a great metaphor for how I feel when I hear an amazing piece of music. The still frozen air of my mind broken apart by a great song. It is an experience I felt listening to every one of the songs on Meanwhile… But like I said, your experience may differ. In fact, your experience will certainly differ since that is how the artwork for this record was designed. The record jacket contains 4 fold out scenes of serenity with not-a-car in the sky. Until you find the sticker sheet of cars and explosions, inviting you to place them how you see fit. Are these cars taking off? Coming down? Or just straight burning up? You decide!

About the artist:

Sean William Randall is a Canadian-born artist. After studying architecture at the University of Manitoba, Sean worked with various architecture firms in Canada as a designer and illustrator. In 1992, he left the architecture profession to devote himself entirely to painting and sculpture. With over 20 years of experience across Canada as an artist, designer and illustrator he recently relocated back to Regina to continue his art career. Sean’s previous experience in architectural design has informed his artistic process, with artworks that reveal unique spatial perspectives, distorted by shadows and reflections.

Intro Letter:

From road trips across stunning American lands to 4-wheeled airborne explosions, things have been a bit car-focused lately. Considering I’ve been living in one (ok, a van…) for the past few months, I guess it makes sense. No, it’s not what you think. I’m fine. It’s all about the adventure. It’s about the unexpected surprises that each day brings in a new location. And that is exactly what drew me to Sean William Randall’s artwork when I first saw it. Just when you think you’ve wrapped yourself around the stunning sunset sky ahead… a hurtling fireball of classic car rips through
the air! I still find it equally terrifying and hilarious every time I see it. And now, we can all choose our own (exploding) adventure as we listen to the perfect soundtrack for heading through dimly lit back country roads as we further ourselves from some lingering heartache and head towards the uncertain and potentially dangerous future around the corner.

– Brandon