Volume 012

Still. Life.

August 2016
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Side A

A1: Yates – “Virtue”
A2: Yoste – “Chihiro”
A3: Naadei – “Cool Friends”
A4: mAsis – “Good Life”
A5: Raveena – “You Give Me That”

Side B

B1: Retro Culture – “Cold”
B2: Salt Cathedral – “No Ordinary Man”
B3: Golden Vessel – “Can’t Say” (ft. Abraham Tilbury)
B4: Meeka Kates – “Wild”
B5: Ben Phipps – “Don’t Look Back” (ft. Ashe)


When the photographer Sinziana Velicescu heard the mix of music for Volume 12 she immediately told me that it made her want to go on a road trip. Knowing her eye for beauty in the oddest places I knew this was going to result in some fantastic images. (If only I could come along for the trip!) After the road trip the photos were certainly amazing but there were so many great ones! Narrowing them down to the 32 page booklet included here was no easy task. In the end, the story Sinziana tells with her images weaves so well with the music. It takes you on a dusty journey whether you are buckled in or not. Watch the big-sky-blue vinyl spin as you dive into the pictures.

About the artist:

Intro Letter:

The only way I might prefer music other than on my turntable is in the car. But I’ll be damned if I’m going to drive if I don’t have to. Still, the car is a magical place to connect with music. I prefer the long journeys. The ones where the playlist takes you deeper within your own thoughts than you expected to go with a bag of gas station trail mix in your lap. Past the pre-party singalongs you can share in a cab. Past the throwback high-energy mix that keeps you awake. I’m talking about the mix where the conversation stops and everyone sinks their eyes into a spot on the horizon while each passing mile-marker ticks away another precious moment of thought.

So go grab a Slushee from the gas station , prop open Sinziana’s photos next to the turntable, and follow her journey as if it were your own, brain- freeze and all.