July 2016

Volume 11: Night Eyes

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Visual Artist: Casey Gray

Side A

A1: Violet Sands - ``No Matter What``

A2: Green Gerry - ``Mean Miracle``

A3: Gourmet - ``Rewind``

A4: Kisses - ``Sunset Ltd.``

A5: Luka Sol - ``Unknown`` ft. Natalie M.

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Side B

B1: Lovespeake - ``Tightrope``

B2: Party Nails - ``Break``

B3: B00ty - ``Loosen Up``

B4: Touch Tone - ``Perfect Lover`` ft. Van Bobbi

Song not available for streaming

B5: Little Wolves - ``Alone``


Beware the things that go bump in the night. In Casey Grey’s world there are a lot of them. And you may want to bump along with them. Especially with the custom designed slip-mat included in Volume 11 spinning on your turntable. But fair warning, staring at it too long will affect your dance moves. (Although its unclear whether for better or worse) Volume 11 also sees the debut of the postcard booklet (replacing the postcard sheet) and is pressed on marbled yellow vinyl.

Images courtesy of bymel