Volume 010


June 2016
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Side A

A1: Old Sea Brigade – “Love Brought Weight”
A2: DYAN – “St. James”
A3: BUCK – “Underneath The Glow Of My Skin”
A4: Bobby Uzoma – “Holy Grails”
A5: YesYou – “Through Your Eyes” (ft. La Mar)

Side B

B1: Allthingslost – “Deceit”
B2: Ben Hobbs – “Wishful Thinking”
B3: Joan As Police Woman& Benjamin Lazar(Formerly 2001) – “Overloaded”
B4: Monakr – “Calling Out”
B5: Viigo – “Move”


Graham Robinson took the record packaging for Volume 010 right to the edge of reality. So much feels familiar yet even more steps over the line of what exists in our world. The gatefold opens to a barn door interior that displays a different creature for each track on the album before opening up to reveal a 6 foot gatefold wide scene within. But slide those gatefold inserts out even further and they reveal two more panels hidden within. Once you have wrapped your head around the jacket (and wrapped the jacket around your head) take a look at the Swamper’s Notes sketchbook that comes with its own worn down pencil. The fruits of many nights beyond the reaches of both civilization and sanity. Here is where you can abandon hope that the music will save you. All 10 tracks possess a sense of darkness that appropriately matches the vinyl color of black smoke in translucent red vinyl.

About the artist:

Born in Ottawa, Canada and a graduate of Canterbury High School’s special art program, I moved to Toronto after secondary school to study Illustration at Sheridan College and OCAD University. While I never finished degrees at either school, I value the skills and sensibilities I honed at each place.

Intro Letter:

For me, ‘Dry’ is a record that slows things way down. I don’t just mean its tempo, but its effect on the mind. So many of the lyrics here strike a chord right in my center. The music strums a note that resonates with memories both painful and happy. It’s enough of an emotional brain bender to put a person on their back, gazing at whatever hangs above in search of some sort of deeper meaning or understanding.

It’s moments like these that the great outdoors can provide such a powerful bit of perspective. The scale of Mother Nature is forever humbling. Photos never quite do her justice, do they? It’s like the real thing somehow transcends true comprehension.

Which brings me to this record and the detailed world that Graham Robinson created to wrap around the music. I’ll be the first to admit I don’t understand everything that is going on here. But the last thing I want to do is ask Graham what it all means. That would ruin the fabulous mystery that hangs over each part of his world. I’d rather turn up the music loud and settle myself in for a few spins of immersive exploration. Exploration of the music and it’s darkly haunting twists and turns. Exploration of the places in my own mind that it takes me. And exploration of the inlets and pathways that Graham has laid out for us. I only ask that someone put on a kettle on because I’m definitely going to want some hot cocoa when I get back…