June 2016

Volume 10: Dry

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Visual Artist: Graham Robinson

Side A

A1: Old Sea Brigade - ``Love Brought Weight``

A2: DYAN - ``St. James``

A3: BUCK - ``Underneath The Glow Of My Skin``

A4: Bobby Uzóma - ``Holy Grails``

A5: YesYou - ``Through Your Eyes`` ft. La Mar

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Side B

B1: Allthingslost - ``Deceit``

B2: Ben Hobbs - ``Wishful Thinking``

B3: Joan As Police Woman & Benjamin Lazar (formerly 2001) - ``Overloaded``

B4: Monakr - ``Calling Out``

B5: Viigo - ``Move``


Graham Robinson took the record packaging for Volume 010 right to the edge of reality. So much feels familiar yet even more steps over the line of what exists in our world. The gatefold opens to a barn door interior that displays a different creature for each track on the album before opening up to reveal a 4 foot gatefold wide scene within. But slide those gatefold inserts out even further and they reveal two more panels hidden within. Once you have wrapped your head around the jacket (and wrapped the jacket around your head) take a look at the Swamper’s Notes sketchbook that comes with its own worn down pencil. The fruits of many nights beyond the reaches of both civilization and sanity. Here is where you can abandon hope that the music will save you. All 10 tracks possess a sense of darkness that appropriately matches the vinyl color of black smoke in translucent red vinyl.



Vinyl Moon – Vol. 10 Dry // I got my first volume of Vinyl Moon today and goddamn is this thing beautiful. Ok, so I know I just talked up Vinyl Me, Please, and they are great, but holy hell this Vinyl Moon record just destroys everything ever. If you haven’t heard of Vinyl Moon, it’s a monthly record club/subscription. Each record is a mixtape, so to speak, of different artists all based around a particular theme. Then they also hand of over packaging and art to a particular artist that bases the art and packaging on the theme. You can see the beautiful cover art here in this picture but that is just the beginning. This is my first record from them so I only have this one to base my opinion off of but they absolutely nailed the art and packaging. The artwork is beautiful and has two foldout pieces that creates a 6 ft long piece of artwork. Included is also a little booklet listed as “Swamper’s Notes” that has sketches of all the artwork in the packaging. It’s a really cool touch. I haven’t even gotten to the music yet. I have listened to the record now 3 times in a row with now breaks. I have never heard of any of the artists but every single song is excellent. It’s made up of mostly laid back tunes of different sorts. I can’t speak highly enough of these songs. Great music. Check. Great artwork. Check. Cool packaging. Check. 10 out of 10 Vinyl Moon. I can’t speak highly enough about this. Everyone reading this should sign up immediately for this subscription if you haven’t already. If you do, use my name as your reference because I get a free record. 😀👍 #vinylmoon #vinyl #vinylporn #vinyllove #vinylhead #vinylcollection #vinylcollective #nowspinning

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