Volume 009

Shifting States

May 2016
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Side A

A1: St. Tropez – “Son Of God”
A2: Controller – “Flame”
A3: Friska Viljor – “In My Sofa I Am Safe”
A4: The Sweet Serenades – “Come Out And Play”
A5: The Gloomies – “Groves”
A5: Stolen Jars – “Kept”

Side B

B1: TWINKIDS – “Dreamer”
B2: Andre Tajchman – “Foe”
B3: SKYES – “Dry”
B4: O Mer – “Now I’m Alive”
B5: Oylo – “Just In Case”


Michael Heck’s fantastic sketches and doodles turn everything you knew about botany on its head as he conjures up mystical flora and weaves them between elements of the record jacket. The front cover features a dense plant scene washed over by hazy colors, setting the stage for the visual palette within. The included 12 page super-zine features gold foil lettering of the Shifting States title on the cover as well as the track-list on the back cover.  Inside the super-zine hide 2 more mini-zines that each tie into the overall imagery of the jacket artwork. Be sure to pack a lunch and some bug spray for this journey.

About the artist:

Michael Heck is a Seattle based graphic designer who founded Pity Party Studios as well as his current project with Aidan Fitzgerald – Cold Cube Press. Heck is known for his work in zines, screen printing, buttons, photography, and more!

Intro Letter:

A very wise band once said “living takes time”. They sung it a few times over and it struck a chord in me. Simple words, sure, but the more I think about them, the more they resonate.

Things change. The people we love change. The rhythms inside us change. It’s in those shifting states that life reveals its true magic. New positions mean new perspectives mean new understandings. So you think about the things you once said and people you once hurt. There is no going back now. That’s not how the record of life spins. It goes forward. It takes time.

So we can’t rush forward and we can’t move back but each new moment is a fresh view on what came before and what lies ahead. Reality is like music taste or tolerance for spicy food. Always evolving. Always better with a taco involved.

A very wise man once said “Now I’m alive. Someday I’ll die.”
The more he sings it, the more I think about the now and less about the someday.