Volume 008


April 2016
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Side A

A1: MonMatre – “Out Of Violence”
A2: Rywolf – “Like You”
A3: Seeb – “Simple Life”
A4: Nvdes – “Pressure”
A5: RDGLDGRN – “Turn”

Side B

B1: Hans Island – “I’m yours”
B2: Dresses – “Let Down”
B3: Paul Thomas Zito – “Cosmonaut” (ft. Phil Jacoby)
B4: Deaths – “Saviour”
B5: Inspired & The Sleep- “Sleeps Well On Knives”


It’s a feast for the ears and eyes with Marylou Faure’e festive foray into Springtime fun. The gatefold jacket features spot UV highlights on the front and back cover which opens to reveal a madhouse scene of diminutive characters having their way with someone’s picnic in the park. Also inserted in the jacket is a DIY project that requires scissors and a few minutes of patience. However, the cutting and folding is well worth it as you create a watermelon slice popup figure that can stand alone or even sit on your turntable and spin with the music. The record itself is pressed into green/pink “spectrum vinyl” which means that each record is a different mix of the two colors. Some being more pink, some more green, some swirling in the middle.

Dive into some videos on creating the watermelon popup here.


About the artist:

Originally from France, Marylou completed her Masters in Art Direction and Graphic Design at L’ESAG Peninghen in Paris before moving to London in 2012.
She has since collaborated with global brands and agencies, providing illustration for a broad range of digital and print projects. Specializing in character design, bold colours and hand-written typography, Marylou aspires to create artwork that invokes joy with her cheeky and playful style. Above all, Marylou believes in using her skills for good and enjoys working on projects for a strong social or ethical cause.

Intro Letter:

As the weather meanders its way towards warmer temperatures it becomes time to start planning outdoor activities. Things that are essential to the mind and body but also take us away from the turntable. Luckily, any good adventure takes some amount of planning and prep at home. So whether you are just packing a day bag or booking a laundry list of flights/trains/busses, it is good to have the right record spinning. One that reflects the literal body movement ahead and sets the tone for good times.

The characters in MaryLou Faure’s ‘Seedshine’ jacket art have definitely done some planning of their own. Although, its hard to tell whether they did all the extensive planning of a whole picnic of oversized goods, or whether they stumbled across an opportunity to forcibly take over an existing outing. Either way, their planning paid off as I hope yours will.

Whether your Summer adventures are more fork-fencing or more melon-lounging, may you groove through every moment that leads up to it.