Volume 007


March 2016
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Side A

A1: Szymon – “Runaway”
A2: FRENSHIP – “Nowhere”
A3: YES – “Lessons”
A4: Favored Nations – “Always”
A5: Muna – “Promise”

Side B

B1: Satchmode – “Afterglow”
B2: Dead Times – “Lightness”
B3: Butterfly Hunter – “Easy”
B4: JOAN – “Greenwich Dives”
B5: Safari Gold – “Howl”


When the music is too low, the only direction is up. When the music is too good, every direction is up. Swirling endlessly through the empty space of the mind as you lose yourself in the songs. Or find yourself. Or find someone else. Or in the case of Kim Salt’s stunning graphic illustrations for Volume 007, all of the above. Open the record either way and you are greeted with a story. Two covers that lead into two stories that lead into the heart of one album. It’s an immersive experience meant to be pored over again and again as the songs spin on repeat. And speaking of the music, all 10 songs are pressed onto a mesmerizing “space taffy” colored vinyl.

About the artist:

Intro Letter:

I love the idea of time capsules. Bundling up the objects that capture a moment in time and sealing it off for future people (or future you) to discover. The 1977 Voyager spacecraft pressed a time capsule vinyl record in gold, hoping that other species might understand something of Earth. (I love it so much, I re-printed that gold record’s instructions on the inside of the Vinyl Moon mailer.)

On the bookshelf next to me, I have a manila envelope that has large black marker scrawled on it “DO NOT OPEN UNTIL SEPT. 2006”, the 10 year mark of the capsule getting sealed in now-brittle duct tape as part of a middle school project. But when September 2006 rolled around I couldn’t bring myself to open it. I figured I’d waited this long, I could wait a bit longer.

Who knows when I’ll finally decide to open that thick envelope. There are probably some fascinating insights in there. Glimpses into my younger mind. Things that will be both hilarious and painful to revisit. Just thinking about it makes me wish I could send me back some advice. To write a few key messages on a piece of paper and send it back to 1996. I sure could have used the guidance. In fact, I still do. In some parallel universe, future-me is looking back on 2016-me and laughing at me this moment. My only response to future-me is to tell him to put Vinyl Moon Volume 007 on his future-turntable and relax. In fact, I’ll join him right now.

– Brandon