January 2016

Volume 5: Go Outsize!

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Visual Artist: Sanda Anderlon

Side A

A1: Sorcha Richardson - ``Petrol Station``

A2: Breen - ``Make Sense``

A3: Olive White - ``Steak``

A4: Bungalow - ``A Little More``

A5: Nite Swim - ``Pool Party``

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Side B

B1: Banoffee - ``Let's Go To The Beach``

B2: Woolf and The Wondershow - ``Cloaked``

B3: Neonderthal - ``Lost & Found``

B4: P'Aris - ``Heaven & High Water``

B5: Wolftree - ``Sleep Well``


At it’s finest, music is a vacation for the ears. Sanda Anderlon’s 5X gatefold collage jacket is an immersive visual experience that aims to take your eyes on holiday as well. Paired together, the sights and sounds of Volume 005 whisk you away to a place that feels like a familiar dreamscape. A place where you can get lost in the intricacies and realism of the world around you, only to be jarred out of your daze by the needle coming to the end of side A. Luckily, a simple flip of both the aquamarine vinyl and panoramic jacket will send you right back in for more.