Volume 005

Go Outsize!

January 2016
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Side A

A1: Sorcha Richardson – “Petrol Station”
A2: Breen – “Make Sense”
A3: Olive White – “Steak”
A4: Bungalow – “A Little More”
A5: Nite Swim – “Pool Party”

Side B

B1: Banoffee – “Let’s Go To The Beach”
B2: Woolf And The Wondershow – “Cloaked”
B3: Neonderthal – “Lost & Found”
B4: P’Aris – “Heaven & High Water”
B5: Wolftree – “Sleep Well”


At it’s finest, music is a vacation for the ears. Sanda Anderlon’s 5X gatefold collage jacket is an immersive visual experience that aims to take your eyes on holiday as well. Paired together, the sights and sounds of Volume 005 whisk you away to a place that feels like a familiar dreamscape. A place where you can get lost in the intricacies and realism of the world around you, only to be jarred out of your daze by the needle coming to the end of side A. Luckily, a simple flip of both the aquamarine vinyl and panoramic jacket will send you right back in for more.



About the artist:

I’m a visual artist hooked on making large, highly detailed digital collages.
Working internationally from an ivory tower in Zagreb, Croatia.
Oil painting in spare time.

Intro Letter:

Volume 5 is a story. The music, the art, the whole thing. A big complex story. Not a story about how it came to be (although that is quite a story as well) but a story about where it is all going. Where you will take it. And whether you will come back in one piece… But let me step back a bit.

There is no doubt that taking music outside is great. Whether it’s a live festival or just headphones and a busy street, having a sonic soundtrack to the world is a treat. But vinyl doesn’t get the same mobility! Shackled to a hi-fi system, the vinyl experience is a beautiful yet often isolating one. Since we can’t put our turntables in our pockets, let’s bring the world into the home. All the bumpy hustle of the outside, but with none of the threats of reality!

A warm summer day at the beach as the frost clings to your doorstep and your toes burrow deeper in your slippers!

An afternoon of lake-side people watching without any of the awkward eye contact or pesky pick-pockets!

With the record turned up loud and the album jacket wrapped around you, take some time to get lost in this double sided world. While you are wandering, come find me. I’ll be hanging out here for at least a few more weeks…

– Brandon