Volume 004

Surface Tension

December 2015
Look & Listen

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Side A

A1: Wet Leather – “Astral Projection”
A2: Cherry Jungle – “Dinosaurs”
A3: Vista Kicks (formerly BABE) – “Circles”
A4: Ron Fleiger – “Feel Your Love”
A5: Lions Head – “Begging”

Side B

B1: Mansions On The Moon – “Heart Of The Moment (Extended)”
B2: On Planets – “Spectacle Ft. Maddie Duke”
B3: CIRC – “Data Cream”
B4: Wild & Free – “Low Pressure”


Volume 4 wants you to get closer. Artists YAWN have done some truly beautiful hand drawn lettering, but when its printed with only clear UV gloss you are going have to catch the light just right to see it. Use your hands for this one. Especially when it comes to pulling out the 3 double sided posters. Each features that expands on the jackets visuals, with a hand drawn lyric from one of the tracks on one side. The record is pressed on smokey white in clear vinyl.

About the artist:

Founded in 2010 by design duo Sandra Greiling and Annika Janssen, YAWN specializes in handmade typography and illustration, experimenting with traditional and digital design methods, patterns and textures. The pair focuses predominantly on music artwork, posters, merchandise, and logo design.

Intro Letter:

We often hold our family (whatever its form) at a bit of a distance. Just the right amount of ‘over there’. But the holidays are a great time to dig deeper with our people. We get to bring them closer, flip them upside down, open them up, and see them in a whole new light. A different context is often all that’s needed to find a better
groove. If uncle Jerry is bugging you in the kitchen, try him again by the TV. Try him with a different song on the stereo or a different ornament on his head. Look closer. Listen harder. Relax deeper. Tis the season!

Speaking of family, it is an honor to have worked with YAWN on the artwork for Volume 4. I’ve never met Sandra and Annika (they live in Dortmund, Germany) but we’ve emailed and Skype chatted endlessly since the days of their first work with Vinyl Moon – the beautiful hand-lettered logo. Their talent is matched only by their
patience with me. For that I am endlessly thankful.

And I’m thankful for you. Yes, you. All I want for Christmas is to put great music and artwork in your hands and get kinda weird with it all. A little dancing, a little singalong, and a ferocious air guitar solo go a long way to keep the Winter frost at bay.

Stay toasty.

– Brandon