Volume 003


November 2015
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Side A

A1: Bay Ledges – “Tween Love”
A2: Allman Brown – “Ancient Light”
A3: NoMBe – “Seminole”
A4: Quilici – “Infinity Pool”
A5: Shallou – “Doubt”

Side B

B1: Flor – “Ocean”
B2: Wonderful Humans – “Whiskey” (Vinyl Moon Exclusive)
B3: Ghost Hours – “Can’t Stop Moving”
B4: Belwoorf – “Church Point”
B5: Nate Salman – “Be Alright”


The monochrome jacket features a textured spot UV image on a matte black stock. Beneath the front cover’s 3 undulating die cut windows is the newsprint art insert. These pages are inspired by the music and incorporate song titles, lyrics, and other imagery. The newsprint booklet is meant to be read in any direction and its pages can even be re-arranged or removed completely. The inside of the gatefold jacket has a bit more direction as it leads you on a looping journey through an imagined space and the track list. The vinyl record features the only color in the design: a brilliant blue with smears and specks of both black and white. The packaging is completed by the debut of the a new postcard format that features elements of the jacket art to further tie in the visual experience of the record.

About the artist:

Clint Soren is a designer and visual artist based in Philadelphia.

Intro Letter:

The first lyric of Halftone is “down at the carnival” but the beautiful melancholy sounds surrounding those words take me far away from hot summer nights of cotton candy and ferris wheels. This record is where we settle in for the dark months. We wrap ourselves in comfy fabrics and fill our bellies with hot drinks. Sitting close to the warm sounds of our stereo hearth and letting the music distract us from the prolonged darkness. Sunny days seem far away. Thankfully soothing sounds are close at hand.

Dark and light. Fire and water. These are the elemental themes of Halftone. In the tales of sparking love and breaking hearts told through the music. In the distorted glimpses of a dream state that flickers through the artwork. People and places and things that feel familiar to some senses and foreign to others. None of this is a story you can trace from start to finish. There is no beginning or end. Only middles. Moments that ride the trail of the one before and sit on road of the one ahead. That’s just life, though. No use feeling blue about it. The volume just isn’t turned up enough. That’s the easy fix. Let the record do the hard fixing. With every Winter comes a Spring. And every spring brings color and light. As we know, it’s gonna be alright.

– Brandon