Available to only our most dedicated members, our coveted VIP status cannot be bought: it can only be earned.

Members who been active members for over 12 months become VIP members, giving them the following exclusive benefits:

Limited VIP Color Variant

VIP members get a unique color variant for each monthly volume. These limited edition variants cannot be purchased from our regular online store – they can only be earned by VIPs. 

Collector’s Challenge Coin

Our VIP members each receive a limited edition challenge coin. We got the idea from NASA, who made special challenge coins for the members of each space mission. Following in that proud tradition, these coins are intricately designed and a perfect way to show off your membership to the coolest vinyl club in the universe.

How do I become a VIP?

You must be an active member to have VIP status. Active members who have received 12 or more monthly shipments automatically become VIP Members. This can be from any combination of memberships – for example, a monthly member would become a VIP member on their 12th renewal, a person on a 3-month membership would become a VIP member on their 4th renewal, and an annual membership would become a VIP member on their 1st renewal.

VIP status can begin in the middle of a membership (for example, if someone starts off on a monthly membership and later upgrades to an annual membership). If someone was a member, cancelled, and rejoins at a later date, the past shipments prior to cancellation count towards VIP status. However, we don’t have an easy way of tracking those past shipments, so you must contact us with proof of prior invoices so we can activate VIP status!

If you think you qualify for VIP status or if you want to see how far away you are, just ask and we’ll be happy to help!